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A dancin' duo :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 6 Pride flag OCs! #6 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 14 I halp senpai :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 12 Hand waving animation test :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 34 Pride flag OCs! #5 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 8 Shimmer's kingdom of fun map :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 11 Pride flag OCs! #4 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 16 Frizzie, easter version! :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 8 Star ruby fusion #2 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 38 Ukiekooki Bendy style! :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 3 25 Pride flag OCs! #3 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 20 Deviantale character art #6 Berry :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 22 sisterly bonding! (request from Edgiest-noodle) :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 13
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teh fetoosh urt :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 1 45
Star ruby fusion #1 :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 2 27 Eskope's dancestor! :iconcattythecupcake:Cattythecupcake 0 6


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A dancin' duo
:iconukiekooki: put my 1920s kooki art in the outro of one of his videos so I thought why not make this :3
Pride flag OCs! #6
(before you ask, I know that the demisexual flag is mostly grey and less purple; I just made him mostly purple that way demisexual and asexual doesn't get confused)


Name: Kevin

a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

Unique, carefree and creative. Laid back and does things his own way. Self-reliant and always thinking way outside of the box.

How he became the way he is: For most of his life he always thought he thought he was Asexual, but after he met homosexual, it finally made sense that he learned he was demisexual (and homoromantic)
Hand waving animation test
IDK, I was bored I choose to make this lil' thingy 

And yeah, I know it's kinda bad but I choose to make this to help work on this to help practice my animating skills

Beep Beep! I'm A Sheep! 
Pride flag OCs! #5
*I might redo his look later IDK*


Name: Peter

A person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

Self-sufficient and highly individual. Doesn't show a lot of outward emotion, but has a lot going on deep down.

How he became the way he is: He used to date this that would just loved him for his looks and nothing else; so after Peter finally had enough, he dumped her and lived on proving that love can still exist without being too smutty (IDK)
Ok, I know that many people touched this topic before and last time I tried to say my thoughts on fetish art I ran into some trouble with you know who... *shudder* but here are just some things I would like to say about DA fetishes to get it off my chest

• Not all fetishes are intolerable! for example; I just now heard of this thing call "uniform fetish" which isn't that strange (I guess), most fetishes I mainly have a problem with is inflation, vore, diaper, foot (sometimes), bondage and most stuff like that
• If you are someone that posts fetish art, that's ok! You have all the rights to post what ever you want on your acount; just PLEASE put a mature content filter on it, even if it doesn't have nudity/gore/etc. they still have an ideologically sensitive setting. So yeah, even though you might not be aroused by the art someone else might be.

Welp, that's all I have to say! I'm probably gonna get my a** whooped by fetish artists but after the drama the happened before, i'm not really that worried


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Lindsey Roinestad
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Cakes Make Me Happy by pai-thagoras

Hi! I'm cupcakekitty but you can just call me Catty :3 I like video games, anime and sweet treats! my animal jam username is Cattythecupcake aswell so buddy me if you wish! well, thats all about me, Stay sweet~

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Heeeyyy,, could I get a request? :00
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made this recently.. hope ya like it.
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Lol nice
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i think i improved substantially on my drawing skills
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Hope you like a retro Pokémon style of game... heh I am afraid that is all I can tell yew. But expect art.. by the boatload 🐱
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Yeah lol
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